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Our Story

Our origin isn't as glamorous as one would hope. Primitive Farms is not a business but a lifestyle. At the heart of this farm is a family that has long gained and believed the abilities of traditional farming practices.

The commercialisation of dairy products led to the decline in the quality of milk products. As a family that has strong roots in poultry and dairy farming, we saw a need to revive the dairy culture through age-old practices and techniques.

At Primitive Farms, we aim to reintroduce families and communities to high-quality dairy products sourced from the finest line of pure breed cattle. In other words, we want to add the 'extra' in your 'ordinary'.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to build a sustainable dairy farm that creates healthy, organic and nutritious dairy products for you and your family. At Primitive Farms, our aim is to make quality dairy products more accessible and affordable. We want you to leave your daily dairy needs on us and permanently tick that off the grocery list.

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Our Vision

Our name is our vision. We want to reintroduce families and communities to the benefits of organic farming. At Primitive Farm, we believe a more sustainable lifestyle can be achieved by re-adopting traditional, cruelty-free environmental practices and techniques. Our money is on fresh beginnings, that’s why every day is a day one at Primitive Farm.

Customer-First Approach
Sustainable Lifestyle
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