Finest Dairy Products from the Purest of Breed
A wide range of delicious dairy products sourced from high breed of protein-rich cattles. Taste the goodness of dairy, daily!
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No Physical and Psychological Suffering
We believe that every animal has the right to good life and should be able to express their natural behaviour.
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Welcome to Primitive Farms!

A place where tradition births quality. At Primitive Farms, we believe in creating organic dairy products using the age-old natural farming practices and techniques. Our range of dairy is a by-product of rich nutritious milk, proven traditional practices and a little bit of love.

Trusted by one and all

Every family deserves a
spoonful of goodness.

Delicious, creamy and nutritious - that's how our customers describe our range of dairy products. At the heart of our farm is our vision to introduce a little bit of unadulterated dairy products in every family's diet.

Happy Families
Liters of Milk Served
Our Dairy Farm

A little bit of paradise for our cattles. From acres of space to graze around to healthy quality fodder, our farm offers everything necessary for the growth and nourishment of our herd of cattles.

Meet Our Buffaloes

A stunning line of purebred Murrah Buffalo. We take utmost care of our cattles with hygienic milking process, cleanest sheds, and quality fodder etc. Our connection with our buffaloes is as thick as the A2 milk they produce.

Our Organic Feed

What goes around, comes around. We’re able to consistently produce high-quality milk because we invest in organic feed and fodder for our herd of buffaloes. When we see a glass of luscious milk, we know everything was worth it.

Why Choose our A2 MILK?

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No Growth Hormones

Some farms inject their cattles and cows with artificial growth hormones to increase milk production. But NOT US! Our milk is sourced from pure breed cattles who feed on natural food and nothing more.

Environment Friendly

Tradition dictates quality. Our practices are borrowed from the native techniques and practices of farming, which is both environment-friendly and quality-enhancing.

Happy & Healthy Buffaloes

Your milk products come from the purest breed of happy, healthy and really adorable buffaloes. Next time you drink a thick luscious glass of milk, think of a smiling buff because that’s where it came from.

Zero Adulteration

Absolutely adulterants-free milk. Milk shipped out of our farm undergoes zero adulteration process. Our A2 milk is naturally thick and rich in calcium, nutrients and calories.

Raw Milk

Raw A2 milk is considered to be ideal milk given it’s thickness, caloriecontent and sensible supply of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus - all essential for the human body’s growth.

Packed Fresh Everyday

A fresh day deserves a fresh pack! Hail, storm or rain, we only believe in bringing you the freshest pack of A2 milk. Take it from our buffs!

Our Farm Creates
the Best Dairy Products

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Our Delivery Cycle

When we say "From our farm to your glass", we mean it. At Primitive Farms, we believe freshness is the key to a healthy glass of milk. Our delivery cycle is a testimony to it.

At dawn, while the world is waking up, we hygienically milk our line of buffaloes. The freshly sourced milk is then packaged in biologically safe glass bottles which are thoroughly washed and sterilized. To retain the freshness and temperature, we deliver the products in thermal containers/bags directly to the customer without any "middleman".

The bottles are collected during the next day delivery and the hassle-free uninterrupted cycle of delivering your fresh glass of milk goes on.

Milk Produced &
No Middleman
Delivered Fresh
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Our Clients say

We are using Primitive farm Milk bottles for the last 4 months for our children. As a parent, I treat Primitive Milk as a “blessing for kids” growing up in localities far away from the purity of nature. While this statement seems a bit exaggerated but it is actually underrated. Before deciding to go with Primitive Milk, we did some basic inquiry and got to know about it, milk production being organic, I went ahead with my decision and Primitive milk has never disappointed me. The Milk is as pure as it can get and we are using it to prepare curd and ghee at home. Initially, I was concerned about the cost of milk but not anymore after realizing its benefits. I should mention the ghee we prepare at home is better than any market product. I would definitely recommend Primitive Milk and Look forward to seeing more product offerings from you 👍 You guys are Awsome.

- Prashanth Narva


I'm happy that you are providing such pure milk.... Actually, I love milk products.. But after shifting to Hyderabad I have missed the good quality and taste of the milk... But luckily I found your contact.... I'm very happy that you are providing such great milk.... That too A2 milk at so reasonable price....

- Arigela Roopa


The A2 milk of primitive farm is absolutely delicious and the service and response to queries are immediately resolved, that's the best thing about the Primitive farm.

- Sangram Prusty


The A2 buffalo raw milk from the primitive farms tastes better than any other milk. They maintain amazing quality. It is worth every penny. Their service is also top-notch and they maintain absolute hygienic conditions as well. Love their concept as it dates back to traditional times and is very close to nature. Thanks, team for the seamless delivery. I 100% suggest people try their milk. You will not regret it.

- Nishant Anuj


The best pure raw A2 milk I have tasted in recent times. Very happy with the service provided and the timely delivery as well. Keep up the great work. All the best to the entire team. I'm happy with the product.

- Rohini

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